Advance PowerPack is a USER-CENTRIC set of add-ons for Autodesk Revit®, Autodesk Advance Steel®, Autodesk Inventor® and Autodesk Vault®


Advance PowerPack is a User-Centrix set of add-ons for Autodesk Revit®, Autodesk Advance Steel®, Autodesk Inventor®, and Autodesk Vault® helping users to accelerate model creation, save clicks, better control their models, extend BIM workflows and of course comply with the latest Autodesk versions.

Advance PowerPack for AEC Collection is structured into 4 packages:

  •    Standard: productivity tools for enhancing Autodesk Revit® daily use
  •   Professional: an advanced set of tools maximizing the effectiveness of Autodesk Revit® or Advance Steel®. The professional package also includes a dedicated Gold support contract.
  •    Premium: a dedicated version that is discipline-specific. From Release 2021, 2 premium packages are available addressing either rebar detailers or steel detailers. The premium package also includes the dedicated Gold support contract.
  •    Ultimate: this package is dedicated to companies using all Autodesk solutions together, it includes all previous packages with tools running on Autodesk Revit® and Autodesk Advance Steel® as well.

Premium and Ultimate packages of Advance PowerPack for AEC Collection can be extended further with a Graitec Design Extension (Powered by Graitec Advance Design) enabling the automatic design and detailing for reinforced concrete members according to Eurocodes, American and Canadian codes.


For all professionals using PowerPack for Autodesk Revit®

 StandardNo 1st set of tools to enhance Autodesk Revit® daily use
 ProfessionalYes Advanced set of tools to Power Autodesk Revit® + Professional Support
 Premium ConcreteYes Dedicated for Reinforced Concrete projects, including 00’s of detailing tools on Autodesk Revit® + Professional support
 UltimateYes Includes Premium Concrete and Premium Steel
 Concrete Design   ExtensionYes Adds Reinforced Concrete design capabilities   


For all professionals using PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel®


 Professional SteelYes Advanced set of tools to Power Autodesk Advance Steel® and Autodesk Revit® + Professional Support
 Premium SteelYes Dedicated for Steel projects, including Stairs & Railings, Steel Connections and Frame Modelling tools + Professional support
 UltimateYes Includes Premium Concrete and Premium Steel
 Steel Design ExtensionYes Adds Steel design capabilities     


All AEC dedicated packages are additive: Premium includes Professional Steel, Professional Steel includes Professional, Professional includes Standard… Join Graitec, use our solution and upgrade depending on your projects and your needs!

With release 2021, PowerPack for Autodesk Revit® and PowerPack for Autodesk Advance Steel® are combined into a PowerPack for AEC Collection split into Standard – Professional – Premium and Ultimate packages

Discover each Advance PowerPack packages:

GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for AEC Collection
UltimateDesign Extension
Design Extension
for Autodesk Revit®
BIM Workflow - Basic set
BIM Workflow - Extended set
Paremeters & Tags - Basic set
Paremeters & Tags - Extended set
Views & Sheets - Basic set
Views & Sheets - Extended set
Files management - Basic set
Files management - Extended set
Modeling - Basic set
Modeling - Extended set
Split Rebar
Opening and edge reinforcement
Bars layers management
3D parametric rebar cages
Rebar numbering
Rebar tags & dimensions (tick and tag)
Concrete Design Extension
for Autodesk Advance Steel®
BIM Workflow
Fabrication (status, mark, CAM files)
Straight Stairs with 1,2 or 3 flights
Balanced Stairs with 1,2 or 3 flights
Railings - Ball & Double posts
Railings - Key Clamps
Railings - Wall mounted
Railings - Connections
Steel Design Extension
Gold Support
* Applies only to Premium Concrete and Ultimates packages
** Applies only to Premium Steel and Ultimates packages starting from release 2021.1

More information about PowerPack for Revit packages.

More information about PowerPack for Advance Steel packages.


Advance PowerPack is also available for the Autodesk MFG Collection enabling productivity tools for Autodesk Inventor® and Autodesk Vault®.

With the PowerPack for Autodesk Inventor®, enhance your Autodesk platform with daily tools for modeling, cleaning models, manage drawings in an easier and more effective way!

This PowerPack for Autodesk Inventor® is free for all GRAITEC subscription customers.

Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Vault® extends the existing environment by introducing powerful and effective data management tools to enhance your workflows.

Discover Advance PowerPack for MFG Collection packages:

GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for MFG Collection
for Autodesk Inventorfor Autodesk Vault
Visibility enhancements
Purge tools
Export files properties
Title block swap
Inspection dimension table
Tolerance table
Browse name control
Export parts list
Export flat patterns to DXF
Batch Export
Batch Print
Drawing Status
BOM export for parts
Open containing folder
Close all, except current documents
File export tools
Assembly Structure Export tools
File watermarking
Status change restriction


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