Create, simulate and manage stairs projects


The Stairs module in Graitec Advance Powerpack is highly versatile, using standard frames that can be easily edited and customized for specific requirements – either it’s a particular building plan or design or even narrow spaces. This tool contains all necessary elements to assemble straight or balanced stairs, with one, two or three flights.



Considering what parameters you choose, it will automatically suggest several treads, the height between two steps, goings, strides, meeting all user requests, from the most common to the most particular. It also calculates the pitch angle and, depending on the results, the stairs are framed into a certain category.

Straight Stairs

Design straight stair configurations that allow you to quickly create differing flight arrangements (either one, two, or three flights), depending on your needs.

Balanced Stairs

Graitec Stairs module can automatically generate balanced stairs, with one or two flights, suitable for more complex and narrow spaces to tackle.

Available stairs shapes

L – shaped straight stair

Variate your straight stairs with L - shaped stairs, by adding a landing at the transition point at any bend suitable for your space and design.

U – shaped straight stair

Another variation of straight stairs offered by the Stairs module is the U - shaped stair, with a corner turn or middle landing that offers a resting point partway up the stairs.

Z - shaped straight stair

Design particular stairs for a particular architecture, with the Z - shaped stair. The Stairs designer available in Graitec Powerpack for Advance Steel allows for full control over the model.

L - shaped balanced stair

L – shaped balanced stairs are balanced stairs with a 90° turn, where the landing is replaced by balanced treads of different sizes.

U – shaped balanced stair

U – shaped balanced stair or balanced stairs with 180° turn are economical, in terms of space, given the fact that the treads also replace the landing.

Z – shaped balanced stair