Stairs and Railings

Fast and flexible stair and railing modeling for Advance Steel


Design all elements of stairs and railings in Autodesk® Advance Steel, with Graitec Advance Stairs and Graitec Advance Railings modules.

The two “power-tools” deliver a wide range of commands that aim to boost productivity, whilst enabling a broad variety of fast customizations. Intuitive model drawings, creation, and automatic calculation of 3D rebar models, accurate technical documentation, and customizable outputs are just some of the many advantages of using a specialized tool like the Stairs and Railings designer, available in GRAITEC PowerPack for Autodesk® Advance Steel.


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Stairs and railings can be easily customized within the PowerPack for Advance Steel dialog box. The interface elements offer a consistent structure, which makes it fast and efficient. Users can choose from numerous features and options for stairs & railings configuration, with editable parameters (dimensions, steps, treads, strides, connection types, etc.) to get the required structure. The comprehensive system enables all modifications to parameters to be updated automatically, in real-time. Any structure designed with this tool can be stored in the library for future projects.

Equip your business with modern tools to optimize the creation process

GRAITEC Stairs and Railings modules are complete and efficient solutions build to enhance every aspect of modern technology, from architectural drawings to a 3D model ready to be implemented.

Give to your team the modeling tools they need

Unify your project delivery, design and production processes.

Bust working speed and manage progress.

Deliver more personalized customer experiences.

  Monitor workflow, combining analysis and report creation.

Automate your processes

Automatic stair configuration, without doing the calculations.

Change the size of the stairs or railings at any time, by opening the edit dialog.

Automates the creation and calculation of 3D models with detailed documents.

Create, simulate and manage stair projects 


Graitec Stairs module offers fast customization for straight and balanced stairs, with one, two or three flights. The module allows easy editing and creation of flights and automatically provides binding elements to the assembly.

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Create, simulate and manage railings projects 


Graitec Railing's module offers a wide range of elements – standard or wall railings, ball post, double post, and even Key Clamp railings. The software delivers a professional 3D model display and enables defining new railings starting from points, lines or beams.

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The PowerPack Ribbon organizes the functionalities having in mind the users’ workflow, from creating elements, macros, to fabrication and managing files. The Stairs and Railings functionalities can be found under the dedicated vault, in the Create macros panel.

The vault organization is intuitive, offering a complete overview of the macros listed per category, with descriptive images and the detailed macro input.