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    Hi guys, new user here.

    We use a set standard handrail system (ball-tube) and most of the specs are covered in a few lines of notes.

    The drawing style I’m using for all assemblies generates handrail assemly drawings with far too many details dimensioned, no plan views, and the view are normal to the main part.

    For handrail assemblies, all I need are a plan view with set-out dims. I suppose an isometric may also be nice. With stairs handrails, I’d prefer an elevation with the stanchions vertical as opposed to the view presenting with the handrail horizontal.

    Does anyone  use a favourite drawing style for handrail assemblies that is closer to what I’d prefer?





    If you’re interested, I found the Polish “Mp  Railing Front, Top” to be the one that best suits what I’m after. That’ll get me going for now.

    And thanks to Max in Melbourne (supplier), I’ve successfully mapped that style into my preferred Mainpart Assembly Drawing Process.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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