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    How can I make the axis label locate in the upper side of the view? see picture..
    I need to create another grid?
    All the best.

    Attachment: axis grid.jpg



    no one can help me with this??

    Niklas Widmark


    To obtain the grid in a specific place on an overview drawing, you need to move the grid object inside the model to that location, or create a copy of it at each level where the grid is required.

    Dumitru Berteanu


    Dear Mr. Berteanu,

    Thanks for the answer, I tried that (see picture) but the brid labels are still in the botton of the view.
    Do I have to change something in the Advance Manager or in the Drawing Style Manager??
    Best Regards

    Attachment: Grid.jpg



    The grid symbol representation on overview drawings will always create the grid symbol on the bottom of the view, and this behavior can’t be modified through a drawing or default modification. Moving the grid will help you if you need to create a level overview, where the section of the model where the grid is present doesn’t fit inside the detailing model box.

    Dumitru Berteanu


    Thanks for the info.


    Kim Smith

    Please advise if the 2D Grid Axis Dialogue can be improved for the next realease and provide a log number.

    The Grids should able be on the Top as well as Bottom, Refer initial posts

    Extract from previous help request below.

    “Do you know if this has been addressed in 2013, seems a bit limited to put it mildly.

    Double clicking on the 2D Grid options gives some really odd results. Text dissappears etc.”

     I find the dialogue box very limited.

    I really hope that “this is a future improvement request” means that the Grids can be be usefully manipulated.

    Kim  Smith

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