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    Danny Silva-Netto

    When creating GA’s and Iso dwgs, only holes are shown and no bolts, I remember a question like this before being posted but I can’t remember the answer.

    Many thanks


    Not sure if my problem is the same. But when I create a section showing a weld plate, the anchor bolts don’t show up. I wonder if there is a setting to control visibility of anchors.

    Any ideas?


    Aleck Giles


    If Dennis is using AS2011 then Anchors are now a seperate object type to bolts. You might need to check your drawing style includes Anchor Objects that are proper Anchors not just Bolts with an Anchor role as it used to be in previosu releases. Check under Model Objects in the Drawing Style Manager.

    Aleck Giles, Application Engineer, Graitec UK.


    Arturo Pena

    Specifically where do we go to turn on the visibility, is there any place specific? i cannot find a way for the anchors to show up on templates or wall embeds.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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