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    Has anybody had any experiance using strumis and advance steel together i would like to know how well

    they work together.





    For bill of materials (BOM) Advance Steel is compatible with KISS standard. If StruM.I.S is a program which is
    created for the management of steel quantities, then it should also be compatible with KISS standard.

    Best regards,

    Mihai Sandu



    Rob did it work StruMIS can used KISS created from Advance GRAITEC as exchange format. We just used GRAITEC for view months and not able to produce report files like what Tekla Structure report file that can be read bu StruMIS.

    And we already contact GRAITEC Support for view week with no positive result.

    Philippe BONNEAU

    Hello Soebali,

    Advance Steel currently does not create Go Data file.
    After checking with ACECAD (owner and developer of StruMIS) we can tell you that the best (and only current) way to communicate with StruMIS is the KISS file format.
    In Advance Steel, to create a KISS file from your 3D model, go to AS Tools > Exchange formats > Export KISS

    Advance Steel and Tekla Structures are two different software and they produce different types of BOMs (what you are calling reports).
    Advance Steel also automatically create all types of BOMs (e.g bolt list, etc. ), this is in different format than Tekla Structures but all the information is there.




    Philippe BONNEAU

    Dear all,

    Please find below some new information concerning the link Advance Steel => BIMReview => StruM.I.S

    Technical remarks:

    – it requires using Advance Steel 2013 + SP1 (or later)
    – the default “Export ACIS bodies to GTCX” must be set to “1” (instead of “0”) in the Graitec Advance Manager 2013
    – it requires using BIMReview V7 (will be released by AceCAD in April 2013) (or later)


    The workflow is the following:

    – in Advance Steel, go to BIM Center > Graitec BIM > Graitec BIM export, and select “*.gtcx” in the combo-box, then save the GTCX file
    – in BIMReview, Open > Model and then select the “*.gtcx” file in the combo-box
    – in StruM.I.S, import the “*.bswx” file previously saved in BIMReview

    Best regards


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