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    My question is about single part marks. It seems that my single part marks are including the assembly part number. For example,  I have a guardrail assembly labled 4HR1, Thats great.  here is the problem: all the single part marks for assembly 4HR1 have “4hr1” included in it. Like this  “bb-4HR1    bc-4HR1” etc.  Is there a way to shorten them down to “bb-4   bc-4”?

    I need to shorten them because they are to big on the drawing when I use labels.

    I use “Assembly group” for my numbering purposes.

    Thanks  🙂



    The assembly group Post number method gives to the single part elements the main part mark, at which its add the Single part prefix and a counter to avoid having two different elements numbered the same. The behaviour described is the correct one.
    If you want to number the single parts independent of the main part mark, you need to not use any Post number method (set in on “None”) and adjust the start number and increment to match the desired numbering results.

    Dumitru Berteanu



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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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