How to have model role default to beam

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    Autodesk Advance Steel
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    Autodesk Advance Steel - Modeling
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To have the model role default to Beam instead of None follow these steps:

1. After creating a beam (the beam dialog box should appear.)
2. Select the Naming tab.
3. Right click on the heading of the dialog box, scroll down and choose Model role.
4. Now change the Model Role from None to beam.

How to have model role default to beam

Now make a test:

5. Create a new beam.
6. The beam dialog box is displayed.
7. Select the Naming tab.
8. The Model Role is now set to beam as a default now.

How to have model role default to beam

Note: Please note that the procedure specified is project specific. If you restart Advance Steel you must redo these steps.

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