How are grid axes renumbered?

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Establishing a grid for a building is an essential preliminary step for a project. Subsequently, some structural elements (e.g. columns) will be identified according to the axes intersections where they are positioned, so a correct and systematic grid numbering is very important.

Frequently, in the process of creating a civil engineering project, changes occur in the architectural or structural layout. Sometimes, to manage these changes efficiently, grid labels renumbering is needed to adapt to the new building configuration.

Advance Concrete provides the option to customize grid labels through the "Renumber grid axes" command, on the "AC: Model" ribbon, on the "Edit objects" tab.

How are grid axes renumbered?

For example, the initial grid numbering for a P+1 building is the one represented below:

How are grid axes renumbered?

Vertical axis 4 limits the stair case to the ground floor. It is not one of the main axes of the building, so it should be numbered as a secondary axis, following axis 3.

To rename it, the "Renumber grid axes" command is used and the axis in question is selected.

It is automatically colored in red for easy recognition and a list of labeling options is displayed alongside it.

There are 7 different options for renaming the axis. Some involve adding letters, numbers or symbols after the axis name (useful for the creation of secondary axes – "4.a", "4.1", "3'").

Other options offer the possibility of entering custom text ("3...", "4...", "..."). The user can also use negative numbers for the numbering (option "-1").

How are grid axes renumbered?

The axis is set to be renumbered as "3s". The second option from the list is chosen; it implies entering custom text, following the axis number. The text is typed in the window opened after selection. Once validated, the axis name is automatically modified and axes 5 and 6 will be recalculated to keep the continuity.

How are grid axes renumbered?

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