How is a new material added to the database?

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To add a new material in the database you must open the "Table editor" in "Management Tools".

How is a new material added to the database

Click "Open database (MDB)" and then open "AstorBase.mdb" in: C:ProgramDataGraitecAdvanceSteel2010SteelData.
Open the "Material" table, add a new row at the bottom of the table and fill the information requested in each column.

How is a new material added to the database

How is a new material added to the database

The columns consist of:

  • Key: internal name of the material used for mapping to other databases/tables.

  • RunName: the name that appears in the interface

  • Weight: specific weight per volume unit. The value must be in Kg / mm3.

  • System: used to set priority if the material is preferred.

  • HatchPattern: attached hatch pattern to the material. Not used anymore.

  • OwnerText: who added the material to the database.

  • Drawing: name used in detail drawings. You can have, for example, one name for the interface, and another name in the detail for the same material. In most of the cases this name is the same as RunName.

  • Fy: Yield stress (Mpa)

  • Fu: Tensile stress (Mpa)
  • E: Modulus of elasticity (N/mm2)

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