How is a drawing list created?

  • Information
  • Software
    Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Module
    Autodesk Advance Steel - Bill of Material
  • Version
  • Type
    Creation of documents
  • Difficulty

Advance Steel can create lists of the existing drawings made from a model. There are multiple templates available, with different settings to sort the results.

In order to create a drawing list, you need to:

1. Have the drawings made before the model extract is created and registered to the model.

2. Open the "Create lists" dialog box.

How is a drawing list created

3. In the "Selection of model objects for the list" dialog box that appears, check "Include created project documents" (e.g. drawings).

How is a drawing list created

4. Create the list.

5. In the BOM editor, use a template to get the drawing name list with this model extract.

How is a drawing list created

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