How are joint objects automatically created on specific layers?

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    Autodesk Advance Steel
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    Autodesk Advance Steel - Modeling
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1. Configure the settings in the "ObjectLayerAssignment" table.

Open the Management Tools - Table editor.

Click the "MDB" icon and open the AstorBase.mdb database, and then open the "ObjectLayerAssignment" table.

How are joint objects automatically created on specific layers

Close your drawing and go to the 3D model.

Key A unique number
ModelRole The model role given by the joint to the created object in the 3D model.
ObjectType Type of object (e.g. Beams, Plates, etc.)
LayerName Name of the layer created in the DWG file
OwnerText Author name

2. Activate the functionality.

Open the Management Tools - Defaults.

Go to the "Layer assignment" branch, and set the "Default layers used for AS objects based on object role" to "1".


Next time objects are created by a joint (e.g. cladding macro, portal frame macro, railings, etc.), these objects will be automatically placed on the layers according to the user configuration.

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