How to install the HASP drivers on you computer?

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The procedure is the same for all versions, but concerning the v15.1E - which uses the last available HASP drivers from "Aladdin Knowledge Systems", it is recommended that also the "NetHASP Licence Manager" to be upgraded (last available is 8.31 from May 2007).

Here are the steps you have to follow on the server machine:

1. If there is already an old version of "NetHASP Licence Manager", it has to be uninstalled from the server; after uninstall, reboot the server.

2. Install the HASP driver, last available, identified as "hdd32.exe", version / January 2007;
- > from our FTP server: "CDImage/OMD 15.1E SP1/Tools/Protection/Drivers/Windows 32-bit, 64-bit/HASP4/HASP4_driver_setup/hdd32.exe"
- > from Aladdin server:

3. Install the last available "NetHASP Licence Manager", identified as "lmsetup.exe", version / May 2007;
- > from our FTP server: "CDImage/OMD 15.1E SP1/Tools/Protection/SERVERS/Win32/lmsetup.exe"
- > from Aladdin server:

That's all you have to do. After this installation the network protection is ready to work.

Note: In some cases, there can be some problems. From our experience, you still encounter difficulties, please check a few points with your Network Administrator:

- check if the NetHASP dongle has the good codes for the version 15.1, etc;

- check if the "NetHASP Licence Manager" is started on the server, either as service or as application;

- if the workstation doesn't find the NetHASP server, the communication between them might be blocked by several causes:
- > simply a cable problem;

- > the communication is blocked by a firewall or antivirus: please inform the Network Administrator that HASP is using the UDP protocol, port number 475. For more details ask the Network Administrator to see the HASP manual (available on the OMD CD-ROM);

- > the communication is blocked because the server and the workstation(s) are in different IP networks or sub-networks: please inform the Network Administrator that the configuration file "Nethasp.ini" (available on the CD-ROM under "ToolsProtectionSERVERSNetHASP.iniTCPIPNETHASP.INI") should be used to point to the correct IP server address and then to put in place in "Bin" folder of the OMD installation.

There are also a few debugging tools on the FTP server:
"CDImage/OMD 15.1E SP1/Tools/Protection/Utility/DiagnostiX/aksdiag32_setup.exe" - to be installed on the workstation side;

"CDImage/OMD 15.1E SP1/Tools/Protection/Utility/MONITOR/aksmon32_setup.exe" - to be installed on the server side.

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