How to avoid a crash in the BOM component ?

  • Information
  • Software
    Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Module
    Autodesk Advance Steel - All
  • Version
    > 7.1
  • Type
  • Difficulty
Problem description: Creating drawings with lists on them continuously increases the required memory (this only concerns drawings with lists). If the user attempts to create too many drawings in one shot then it could lead to a crash in the BOM component (3rd party software integrated into Advance Steel). The error results in a message but the user can continue the process by confirming the warning (continuously click on OK). In order to avoid subsequent slower performance you should restart Advance Steel after creating these drawings. Recommendations: 1. The amount of physical memory will increase the batch quantity of drawings; this means the more memory, the more drawings you can create. Also shutting down all other Windows Applications during drawing creation, helps. A recommendation for larger models and more than 200 drawings in one shot would be to have at least 2GB of memory. 2. After creating drawings save the model then close and restart Advance Steel. This will set back the used memory to a normal level. Please make sure that all drawings are registered. If not then register them afterwards. 3. For bigger projects, please split the projects into smaller Lot/Phases. Then detail the assembly and single part drawings by phases (with selection). 4. Or create the drawings by selection (in a process). For point 3 and 4 please still have in mind point 2, saving the project and restarting Advance Steel is highly recommended. As soon as we receive the 3rd party fix we will notify all users to download the Service pack from our website.

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