How to remove Advance Steel proxy objects ?

  • Information
  • Software
    Autodesk Advance Steel
  • Module
    Autodesk Advance Steel - All
  • Version
    > 7.1
  • Type
  • Difficulty

To clean a drawing of Advance Steel information you can use a utility called GRTCCleanup.arx.

Starting with Advance Steel 7.1 - SP2 this tool can be found in the Advance SteelBin folder.

If you do not have this utility you can download it from: or contact GRAITEC support.

The procedure to follow is:

1. Start pure AutoCAD (without Advance Steel).
2. Load the GRTCCleanUp.arx utility using _appload .
3. Set the variable DEMANDLOAD = 2
4. Open the file you wish to clean .
5. Launch the command: grtcCleanUp.
6. Now the file is clean of any information.
7. Save the file.

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