Activation error message: Activation Code does not match the Serial Number or Invalid Serial Number

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One of the most important steps when setting up new Graitec software is activating the serial number and introducing the Activation Code in the License Utility. Each Graitec software utility comes with a serial number and activation code that must be introduced in the License Utility after installing the software. The serial number and activation code are provided upon purchasing Graitec software programs.   In some cases, the License Utility may display the following error message: “Failed to update the license. Invalid Serial Number or Activation Code! Check the entered data.” or “The Activation Code does not match the Serial Number of your license.” When this happens, you must check the Activation Code or Serial Number in the License Utility and make sure it matches the one received in the email from Graitec. Depending on the version and a number of other factors, some email clients may replace the minus sign in the Activation Code or Serial Number with an extended dash. This may be linked to localization options in the email client, and results in an mismatching Activation Code copied and pasted in the License Utility, which in turn can’t activate the software.   The solution is quite simple, check the Activation Code and replace the en dash (“–”), em dash (“—“) or hyphen (“-“) with a minus sign (“−“) from the keyboard. Make sure that the Serial Number also has minus signs, rather than extended dashes, and then activate the license.   The License Utility should now be able to activate the license for your Graitec software package. For more information related to installation or software usage, check other posts in our FAQ section.

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