Autodesk AEC Solution Associate

Integrating everyday technology with Autodesk specific industry solutions

GRAITEC is committed to delivering innovative practical solutions to the AEC industry. Being recognised by Autodesk as an AEC Solution Associate across Structural Engineering, Structural fabrication, Construction, Architecture, MEP Engineering, Infrastructure, Plant, Manufacturing and Reinforced Concrete industry sectors, builds on a long standing collaborative partnership with Autodesk and Autodesk platform technology.

Autodesk AEC Solution Associates integrate their purpose-built software products or make their software solutions interoperable with Autodesk specific industry solutions to deliver the best industry-focused technology combinations for the ultimate benefit of users.

GRAITEC Interoperable AEC Solutions

Advance Design

Advanced FEM software for Structural and Civil Engineers

Advance Workshop

Steel production management software

ArchiWizard (France)

Simulation software for the optimization of energy performance in buildings

GRAITEC Integrated AEC Solutions

BIM Connect for Revit®

Enables advanced structural BIM workflows

PowerPack for Revit®

Productivity add-on for Revit® - practical tools for everyday needs

PowerPack for Advance Steel

Productivity add-on for Advance Steel - practical tools for everyday needs

Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers for Revit®

Design-driven reinforcement calculation and automated modeling for concrete columns, beams and footings

Steel Structure Designer for Advance Steel

Rapid, accurate steel structure configuration for a wide variety of erections

Stair & Railing Designer for Advance Steel

Fast and flexible stair and railing modelling for Advance Steel

GRAITEC Bespoke Interoperable Solutions

MBS Link

Converts Metal Building Software (MBS) to .gtcx files in order to transfer to Advance Steel or Revit®

GRAITEC Bespoke Integrated Solutions


An AutoCAD based app primarily for the design of office layouts with Herman Miller furniture


Easily retrieve elements in a Revit® building model using the 3D Information Retrieval (3DIR)

GRAITEC offer an extensive range of customer specific tools which significantly increase productivity.

As part of the Group’s strategy to deliver an unrivalled service to its customers, GRAITEC also carries international Autodesk Platinum Partner status covering Europe and United States, Independent Software Vendor (ISV) specialization for Advance Steel and Concrete solutions, and continues its engagement as an Autodesk Developer Partner, dramatically redefining the traditional Autodesk Reseller and setting a new standard as a new-generation business partner.

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