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Steel structures detailing

Create automatically general arrangement and shop drawings


The drawings are created in separate DWG files from the model, however they are linked to track changes. This allows the update of the details after any model modifications.


Drawing Style Manager

The program offers an advanced tool, the Drawing Style Manager, which allows configuring the automatic detailing so that the created details meet any company standards, customer request or project specifications.

Thus, the element representation, labels and dimensions can be configured.

In a drawing style the following can be configured:

  • The view definition which can be relative to a reference plane from the model or relative to object position.
  • Object representation and labeling - An object can be represented with various line types, also, the label content and the label text format can be set.
  • Object dimensions and the dimension line position. According to the object geometry, all necessary dimensions are created: linear dimensions (horizontal, vertical, sloped), radial and angular dimensions. The dimensions are relative or absolute. The level dimension is represented using a specific symbol. The dimension line position can be configured so that element geometry is not overlapped. The element points can be dimensioned relative to an element - useful when dimensioning object processings - or relative to the main part - useful for dimensioning the attached parts.
GRAITEC Autodesk Advance Steel | Steel structures detailing | Drawing Style Manager

A drawing style for a model or for selected objects can be assigned during the creation of drawings. It is also possible to assign a drawing style to an object during its creation or later.

The details are automatically dimensioned and labeled, but additional dimensions and labels can be added manually using Advance Steel's special tools.


Overview: the detailing process of a simple structure

GRAITEC Autodesk Advance Steel | Steel structures detailing | Overview: the detailing process of a simple structure

Next, let's see an overview of the detailing process for a simple structure: a flat frame consisting of two HEA 240 columns and a horizontal tie beam with an IPE 300 section. The columns are connected to the tie beam by bolted joints.

  • At first, all single parts and assemblies should be automatically numbered using the Advance Steel numbering tool.
  • An assembly consists of a main part and an attached part. For the given structure, the column is the main part of an assembly and the tie beam becomes the main part of another assembly.
  • After numbering, parts with the same geometry, material properties, coating, commodity and behavior will receive the same part mark.
  • Assemblies with identical attached parts identically placed on the main part will have the same assembly mark.
  • Once the model is numbered, it is recommended to carry out a series of error checks to correct elements with duplicate part marks, unmarked elements, etc. Advance Steel provides all the necessary tools, so that mistakes in the structured BOM and detailed drawings (and the associated costs) are avoided.
  • All drawings are created automatically according to the selected drawing style.

1. General arrangement drawings (isometrics, elevations and node details)

Depend on the current UCS and the view is in the Z-axis direction.
In elevations, the following elements are displayed:

  • Visible lines of the detailed elements
  • Tie beam and column axes
  • The labels containing the section name and the assembly position
  • Horizontal and vertical dimensions for the element position
  • Level symbols

The node details also displays the plate part marks and the weld symbols.

GRAITEC Autodesk Advance Steel | Steel structures detailing | Overview: the detailing process of a simple structure

2. Shop drawings

Each detail contains the views and dimensions required for the fabrication.

The detailing of complex models

For complex models, various views and details can be easily created:

  • 3D assembly drawings
  • Elevations and cuts
  • Static plans displaying each bar length
  • 3D node details
GRAITEC Autodesk Advance Steel | Steel structures detailing | The detailing of complex models

Stairs and railings drawing styles

For stairs and railings special drawing styles are available allowing automatic creation of drawings containing:

  • 2D and 3D views
  • Details for railings
  • Details for stairs and landings

The various Advance Steel functionalities for steel construction detailing have been developed in order to get maximum productivity and quality in creating drawings that meet exactly the requirements. Practically, any drawing, with all necessary information can be created using the appropriate settings.

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