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Advance Design Connection

A new way to design and check all steel connections according to the code, in minutes


Advance Design Connection is a powerful analysis solution for 3D Steel connection, fully integrated to Advance Design. It’s part of Graitec BIM workflow providing softwares to our customers to help them CREATE, SIMULATE, FABRICATE and MANAGE all the data of their projects. One BIM solution for one project.



For Steel structures, Advance Design is an integrated software allowing to perform global FEM analysis, design and optimization of steel members, local analysis with check and optimization of standards 2D connections. When it comes to 3D complex steel connections, Advance Design can be completed with the module Advance Design Connection to handle such connections.


Advance Design Connection is a unique version of IDEA StatiCa Connection, rebranded and tailor-made for GRAITEC users.

Advance Design Connection can design all types of 3D connections which cannot be designed with the connection module integrated in Advance Design. It provides precise checks, results of strength, stiffness and buckling analysis of a steel joint. Joints are checked according to Eurocodes and North American codes (EC & AISC). Templates for most-used connections are available as well as wide range of predefined hot rolled and sheet welded members.

Advance Design Connection Workflows

2D frames & trusses

GRAITEC Advance Design | Connection | 2D frames & trusses

Footings, anchoring

GRAITEC Advance Design | Connection | Footings, anchoring

3D frames & trusses