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Transversal Distribution

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When adding distribution bars to a beam in Revit you can only add the bars either with a fixed distance between them or by specifying the number of bars. When what you really want is to justify them by zones, which you would otherwise need to model separately for each zone you require.

The Transversal Distribution tool enables zones to be created, defined and controlled on the fly by allowing varying reinforcement to be applied to columns and beams as required.

It allows multiple possibilities to create differrent configurations of transversal reinforcement, easily defining the spacing, the offsets, the distribution type and even adding custom distribution sets.


The feature increases productivity when working in Revit, due to the automatic generation of transversal rebar sets with multiple spacing for linear elements, such as Structural Columns and Structural Framing. With a single command, the user can quickly create different configurations of the transversal reinforcement in a cage.  

The user can apply the command for ANY shape of the definition bar, therefore transversal reinforcement can be easily generated for any type of cross-section (rectangular, circular, custom). Different distribution types can be applied, giving the user the possibility to configure the distances and quantities he wants to have. Once the transversal distribution has been set, the reinforcement bars are immediatly reflected in the Revit 3D model.

The command can be applied using two different methods: by selecting the element to be reinforced or by selecting a rebar previously defined to a host element. After the selection is performed, the following dialog appears in order for the user to customize the parameters that will define the distribution of reinforcement.

Create several rebar sets for a single element

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