Lock reinforcement

helpful tool in the process of verifying an existing building under new conditions


Lock reinforcement, a brand-new feature launched within the 2019 version of Advance BIM Designers Beam, is a helpful tool for testing many different scenarios. The new “Lock reinforcement” command blocks the reinforcement cage-automatically generated or manually defined and allows you to further launch a verification considering other settings.

This new functionality is particularly useful for the verification of beams reinforcement from existing projects but also for checking the impact of manual changes made on the reinforcement cage on the entire set of verifications (for example on cracking, reinforcement stresses values).

Let’s see a few cases in which this new feature can help you

example 1

The tool can be used during the process of existing structures risk assessment.  For instance, in the case of an old building to which the owner wants to add a floor, one can check if, for the analyzed beam, all verifications are still passed considering the new loads.

load value used in the initial design of the beam
Load used in the initial design of the beam

load value used in the initial design of the beam

Load value after adding an additional floor to the building

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example 2
Load value after adding an additional floor to the building

The “Lock reinforcement” feature can also be used in the following workflow: modify the automatically generated reinforcement cage properties (number of bars, length, diameter etc.), lock the new reinforcement cage and then run the Verify command considering the same conditions (loads, design assumptions etc.).

Software informing that the manually defined reinforcement cage is not suitable for the defined conditions

If there are any calculation errors, those will be displayed in Errors and Warnings info-panel.

example 3

In the case of automatically generated reinforcement, the “Lock reinforcement” command enables you to modify the concrete class of a beam and to revalidate the old cage according to the new assumptions.

Concrete class for which the existing locked reinforcement cage resulted

If there are new assumptions which don’t fit to the old cage, the corresponding errors will be displayed after the verifying process.

The class C20/25 is not suitable for the existing locked reinforcement cage

The most frequently used workflow of the functionality

The “Lock reinforcement” command is available on the Results ribbon, in the Tools panel. Please keep in mind that, in order to lock the reinforcement, the element needs to be calculated first.

How to use this new functionality:
1) Enter all required data (geometry, loads and assumptions) and start launch the calculation ;
2) Make changes to reinforcement (using Reinforcement dialogs);
3) Lock reinforcement;
4) Verify the beam again.

load value used in the initial design of the beam

When the reinforcement is locked, it is still possible to modify most of the design assumptions and loads, but it is not possible to modify either the geometry of the beam (including number of spans, sections and openings) or the reinforcement (including also concrete cover or reinforcement assumptions). All such locked options are not available for editing (icons are disabled).

The "Lock reinforcement" feature completes the BIM Designers series of useful functions with a unique tool to analyze a beam throughout all changes which may appear during the life cycle of a building.


Note: The Lock reinforcement functionality is not available in the Advance Design or Revit environments.

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