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Automatic bar schedules

Automatically calculate and display rebar quantites in a bar schedule


BIM Designers automatically calculates and displays rebar quantities in a bar schedule, which is created by using either one of the available templates or a customized one. Based on the selected country during the installation, BIM Designers will lay out different collections of bar schedule templates that are displaying different reinforcement properties in several manners. Moreover, the templates can be customized for every slightly different element.

Figure 1 - Drawing Settings dialog box from BIM Designers standalone version


Figure 2 - Examples of bar schedules

Standalone Workflow

The bar schedule is generated only after the user runs the “Calculate” command; after generation, it will be displayed on the same sheet with the drawing.

Figure 3 Drawing Settings option

In BIM Designers standalone version, the Bar Schedule option can be found in the “Drawing Settings” (see Figure 3) dialog box,  after selecting the “Drawing Styles” tab.

From there (see Figure 1), you can choose to “Create a new bar schedule” () in order to create a new schedule template from scratch or to “Open the selected bar schedule” ( ) if you want to edit the template already in use.  These commands open the Report Designer tool* from which the user can either customize a template or create a new one based on his particular requirements.

Figure 4 Bar schedules preview

Not only do you have the possibility to quickly inspect how the bar schedule template is going to look like by using the “Bar schedule Preview” () option, but you can also “Browse for bar schedule templates” ()  (files) in your computer.

Each bar schedule template can contain many different types of structural rebar schedules along with the appropriate configurations.


Figure 5 - Example of drop-down menu with available bar schedules templates in BIM Designer - standalone version

Figure 6 - Example of drop-down menu with available types of bar schedules templates in BIM Designer - standalone version

BIM Designers comes with a different collection of templates for each country that can be selected during the installation. Users also have the possibility to choose, at any moment, another language for documents (like bar schedules) by clicking on the “Localisation” icon which can be found on the “Options” panel, on the “Model” Ribbon.

Figure 7 - Bar schedules templates edited in Report Designer tool

*Report Designer is a tool developed by Microsoft which provides a user-friendly interface for creating robust reports that include data from multiple types of data sources. The software is installed automatically with BIM Designer. Find more details on Microsoft website.

Workflow in Revit

Bar Schedule feature - Revit

Figure 8 - "Bar Schedule" icon on Graitec Concrete ribbon from Revit

In Revit, the icon that enables creating a new bar schedule is available on the Results panel on the GRAITEC Concrete ribbon. This feature helps the user to easily create a Revit Rebar Schedule for a template-based structural element, without having to go through all the steps in the Revit dialog.

The elements that the user wants to include in the bar schedules can be selected before or after running the command “Bar Schedule” (see Figure 8).

Figure 9 - "Create Revit Bar Schedule" dialog box window in Revit

Before generating the bar schedules, the user has to choose his/her preferences in the dialog window opened by the command (see Figure 9). The templates are Revit models, with defined structural rebar schedules. This solution allows using the same template on many projects and/or computers. The user can define any number of customized template files, and each can contain many different types of structural rebar schedules with the appropriate configurations (fields, filters, sorting and formatting). Advance BIM Designers includes default template files, customized for each country, each with several typical types of structural rebar schedules.

In the dialog, there are also options for the case when multiple items are selected:

  • One schedule per element – generates a separate reinforcement bar schedule for each selected element

In most situations, each schedule is created using, as a filter, the mark of the element:

In case several elements from different categories have the same mark (a column and a wall for example), the schedules can be defined using both the mark and the category of the element as filters.

  • Create/extend partition – allows to define a new partition with a given name in order to create one common schedule (if the chosen partition name does not exist in the project) or to add bars to an already-created partion (by typing an existing partition name)

This option will overwrite the partition properties of all the bars in the selection, and assign them the newly chosen partition. +

  • Use existing partition – from a multiple selection of rebar that may belong to N partitions, the list will be generated only for the selected partition. All available partitions from the chosen selection are listed for the user to be able to choose the desired one.



After the bar schedule has been generated, it will become  visible in the Revit Project Browser. It will also be available for editing and the user will be able to use it in order to create documentation.

 Bar Schedule generated in Revit by BIM Designers

Figure 10 - Bar Schedule generated in Revit by BIM Designers

It’s worth mentioning that Revit native bar schedules may include all rebar hosted by the considered element, both those automatically generated by BIM Designers and those manually added by the user.

Figure 11 - Bar Schedule generated in Revit by BIM Designers

Native Revit reinforcement schedules can also be automatically generated on sheets with drawings created by Advance BIM Designers. For this purpose, in the Drawing Settings window (opened by pressing the Customize Drawings icon from the Options panel in the GRAITEC Concrete ribbon), the user has the possibility to choose the type of schedule to be created on drawings:
  • Revit Bar Schedule – native Revit reinforcement bars schedule
  • BD Bar Schedule – Advance BIM Designers bars schedule
For each option, one can select the appropriate template and a type of schedule.

Figure 10 - Bar Schedule generated by BIM Designers (standalone version)

Undoubtedly, the Bar Schedules tool - as included into BIM Designers Revit Module and available into the standalone version  -  can easily generate a fully-customized bar schedule in a very short time span. Also, the user has the possibility to generate, save, reuse and share the template files.  

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