Longitudinal Reinforcement


The Longitudinal Reinforcement item opens a dialog box that provides information about the longitudinal reinforcement bar's general parameters such as:


- spacing

- anchorage length amplification

- hook angle and lengths

- mandrel diameters for bent bars.




The Longitudinal Reinforcement dialog box


The Longitudinal Reinforcement dialog box





General Settings









Safety factor x is a factor added to the design anchorage length.










Mandrel diameter for bent bars



- From library: select this option to use a diameter from the library. The mandrel diameter for each diameter will be the value defined for Bent-up Bending Diameter in the Reinforcement Diameters dialog


- From the list: enables the List of available diameters field where you can customize this list by introducing a certain diameter value in [mm] separated by a space.


- Calculated: selecting this option the drop-down list below will be grayed out.







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