Interface in Autodesk Revit


Whilst working inside Autodesk® Revit, the modules used for the concrete design (Footing, Column, Beam, Wall, and Slab) are grouped on a single ribbon, named PowerPack Design.




The PowerPack Design ribbon

The PowerPack Design ribbon





The following panels are available in the PowerPack Design ribbon:


1. The Manage Project panel includes the following commands:


The Manage Project panel







Pressing the arrow next to Manage Project a list with several tools will open:



Manage project tools








2. Commands in the Assumptions panel are used for accessing and managing the element geometry and the associated design and reinforcement assumptions. The panel includes the following commands:


The Assumptions panel





Create Group







1. When selecting a structural element in Revit and changing its dimensions by selecting another Revit family, the geometry parameters modify in the Geometry dialog PowerPack Design.


2. If multiple structural elements with different dimensions are selected, the variation is marked accordingly in the Geometry dialog.



The Geometry dialog












3. Commands in the Calculations panel are used for automatic 3D rebar generation. The user can choose to calculate a single element, multiple elements, or the entire model.



The Calculations panel







Commands in the Calculations panel allow the user to work using several workflows as described below:






4. With the commands in the Results panel, the user can explore and adjust the calculated reinforcement of an element, verify stresses and effort solicitations using diagrams, create automatic drawings, create reports or rebar lists.


The Results panel













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