Interface in Advance Design


Advance Design includes a Pilot mode called Design, the Design Modules tab will become active when opening a structural element in Design tab Pilot.


Interface in Advance Design

Interface in Advance Design





The following panels are available in the Design Modules ribbon:



1. The About panel contains the Advance Design Modules button, which opens a drop-down list with three options:




Advance Design Modules button


The Advance Design Modules button










2. The General panel includes the following commands:



The General panel










3. Commands in the Settings panel are used for accessing and managing the element geometry, the associated design and reinforcement assumptions.




the Settings panel
















4. Commands in the Calculations panel allow the user to work using several workflows as described below.



the Calculations panel












Possible workflows:








5. With the commands in the Results panel, the user can explore and adjust the calculated reinforcement of an element and generate reports based on these results.



the Results panel





6. Commands in the Options panel are used for adjusting display settings (colors, text dimensions, hidden/ visible objects, etc.).




7. The Bill of Materials command in the Tools panel generates an estimative quantity of materials and costs for reinforced concrete elements.




Below the Design Modules ribbon are available more options, depending on the structural element type:











Interactive Drawing






Three viewports are available for the interaction curves: one displaying the 3D curve N-Mx-My and two planar views, N-M and Mx-My. With this graphic representation, the user can easily control the effects of the reinforcement changes on the column capacity.



Interaction Curves























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