Example 6 (with lateral loads, fixed at both ends)


Comparing first order efforts obtained through FEM calculation in Advance Design Modules with those obtained through FEM calculation in Advance Design, considering idealized end restrains (with/without lateral forces).



Type: Square

Section: 50 x 50 cm

Height: 4.00 m






End restraints:





Loads for FEM calculation:


ADM punctual load


ADM loads definition distributed load





Note: Mx from ADM = - Mz from AD



Advance Design module FEM Calculation:


Advance Design module FEM Calculation




Advance Design FEM Calculation:


Advance Design FEM Calculation



Note: As it can be noticed, the diagram for axial force in Advance Design module is different compared to the diagram in Advance Design. The difference is caused by the fact that the column will be loaded with axial force if a vertical force is applied directly on the support.