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Column Design NA


The Column Design dialog box








Reinforcement Calculation




- Simplified: select this option to use the method for compressed short columns with small eccentricity. For safety reasons, in case the simplified method is used and the external forces include an oblique bending, the reinforcement quantity is increased by 25%.

- Moment magnifier: a method for slender columns

- Non-linear second order


Moment magnification for column in sway


You can define the values for coefficients used by the moment magnifier approach. This method requires the designer to distinguish between non-sway frames and sway frames (see R6.6.4.1 from ACI 318M-14).


Magnification factor(δ): the magnification factor for sway frame (see ACI 318M-14, Chapter

Stability index for a story (Q): the stability index for a story for sway frame (see ACI 318M-14, Eq.

Vertical loads to buckling loads ratio (Pu/Pc): ratio of the summation of all factored vertical loads for all of the columns on the story to the summation of all the Euler buckling loads for all the sway resisting (see ACI 318M-14, Eq.











Fire Calculation






Note: The command’s dialog box content changes depending on the country selected in Localisation dialog.






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