GTC (Graitec Transfer Center)


With the GRAITEC Transfer Center (GTC), all the models created with GRAITEC software can be synchronized, with no data loss and no need to re-input data.

GTC is a novel improvement in CAD/Design software interoperability and integration, being an important step in creating and handling a BIM (Building Information Model).

GTC also provides synchronization of models created with software products by GRAITEC partners.


GRAITEC has developed a data exchange component that recreates and stores the model in a standard format (GTC) by defining a set of standard objects, GRAITEC Model Objects (GMO).


The GTC serves as a communication link between the following applications and standards:

The applications are responsible for:

The data exchange component is responsible for:

The structural design workflow consists of many modifications and repetitive tasks. With GTC, the modifications made on the same model by different users (e.g., steel and reinforced concrete detailers, structural engineers, etc.) can be synchronized, thus saving valuable time and resources.

From modeling to structural design and detailing
From structural design to drawings

Many scenarios are available depending on the situation. The advantages of the GTC technology developed by GRAITEC are that duplicate work is avoided by better re-use of existing data and errors and mistakes are reduced by assisting you in managing modifications between several versions of the same model.


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