The Library Menu in the Cross Sections module provides essential resources for your project, including comprehensive libraries for cross sections and materials.


The Library Menu in the Cross Sections Module

The Library Menu in the Cross Sections Module



The Library Menu in Cross Sections Module contains the following commands:



  1. Cross Sections Library

The standard cross sections available in a Cross Sections project are stored in the current cross section library. To select the library to use:


Cross Sections library

Cross Sections library dialog box




  1. To load a cross section library, in the Library field, click the relevant icon ; the Open dialog box appears for the selection of the desired library.

Loading a cross section library



  1. To view the different cross sections available for each type, select a category from the list. The available cross sections are displayed with their geometric and mechanical characteristics in the table located below the list.

Cross sections categories



  1. An epure of the selected cross section is available on the right side of the window.
  2. To view all the cross section characteristics, scroll right-left using the horizontal scroll bar.



  1. Materials Library

To access the material libraries go to:


Materials library

Materials library



  1. Each material library is defined with a name, family and color. To change the material family, click on the corresponding cell and access the drop-down list. There is also a drop-down list available for changing the material color. You can define the appearance of different materials in your project.
  2. To view/edit the mechanical properties of the selected material, click Mechanical properties.

Mechanical properties

Mechanical properties



  1. To view/edit the design properties of the selected material, click Design properties.

Design properties

Design properties



These libraries are important in providing the data and resources needed for detailed and accurate modeling in the Cross Sections Module, offering a user-friendly interface to access and customize material and cross section properties.



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