Interface Components


The interface components can be easily displayed and positioned in the application environment using the improved interface display functions.



How to display/hide an interface component

To display/hide an interface component:


  1. Pilot

All the elements created in a Cross Sections project are stored in the Pilot, under the corresponding predefined categories: Contours, Epures, Stress calculation points, and Dimension lines.




Each element of the Pilot has its context menu, which provides quick access to specific commands:

Context menu


  1. Properties Window

Each object of the model has specific properties, which are viewed and modified in the Properties window. The object properties are displayed in a tree representation with various categories.

Properties window


The properties window contains the attributes of the selected elements (e.g., center of gravity parameters, material, reinforcement, coordinates, etc.).

An information area is available at the bottom of the properties window. It displays a short description of the item selected in this window.


Configuring parameters





Drop-down options list





Configuration dialog box





  1. Command Line

The command line is located at the top of the graphic area. Its function is to display the active coordinates and to assist you during the modeling process:


Command line

Command line




  1. Information Window

The information window automatically appears at the bottom of the graphic area if different information is available after launching the cross section calculation:


Information window

Information Window



The purpose of this window is to display different information relating to the performed actions:


  1. Status Bar

Located at the bottom of the application window, the Status bar provides information about the application status and displays a description of icons and menu commands when the cursor is positioned above them.

To hide/display the status bar, select Display > Status bar from the menu.


Status bar



Display the application status and a description of accessed commands.

Toggle snap modes; simply click the desired snap mode icon to enable / disable it.

Display the current measurement units; double click to open the Units definition dialog box for the selection of units.

Display the status of Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock keys on your keyboard (On / Off).


  1. Graphic Area

The graphic area represents the design and display area, with its context menu that provides quick access to commands specific to the current step.

In the graphic area, in input mode, you can hide/display the grid, draw, select, move objects and manipulate the view using the zoom commands.


Graphic area

Graphic Area



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