Interface Description


The Cross Sections module has an interface that's meticulously crafted to enhance user experience, offering straightforward access to its diverse functionalities and allowing for personalized customization of its components. Enhanced with the newest display functions, the interface presents various options for viewing and interacting with its elements, ensuring a productive working environment.


Main screen

The Cross Section interface



Key Components of the Cross Sections Interface:


  1. Menus: Access a comprehensive range of commands and settings, organized logically for ease of use.
  2. Toolbars: Quick access to frequently used tools and functions is facilitated through customizable toolbars.
  3. Pilot: Navigate through your project elements and settings with ease using the intuitive pilot feature.
  4. Properties window: Modify and view the properties of selected elements in real-time, providing a detailed overview of your work.
  5. Command line: Its function is to display the active coordinates and to assist you during the modeling process
  6. Information window: The information window automatically appears at the bottom of the graphic area if different information is available after launching the cross section calculation.
  7. Status bar: Provides information about the application status and displays a description of icons and menu commands when the cursor is positioned above them.
  8. Graphic area: The graphic area represents the design and display area, with its context menu that provides quick access to commands specific to the current step.

Each component of the Cross Sections interface is thoughtfully integrated to help you with a comprehensive and efficient design experience, ensuring that every aspect of your cross section analysis is within easy reach.



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