Creating Epures in the Cross Sections Module


Epures are geometric entities in the Cross Sections module of Advance Design, used in the realistic rendering of the cross section. Although they don't impact the calculated sectional characteristics, they are vital for a realistic depiction of your design.






How to access the command

Use these various methods to access the command:



Cross Sections Module

Types of epure





Creating and managing epures

The Cross Sections module provides several tools (manual or automatic) dedicated to the creation of epures

The epure of a cross section is defined either by segments or by a single polygon.



Types of epure of a cross section



A single epure can be assigned to a cross section and it's accessible in the Pilot for easy reference.


Pilot display

Epure stored in the Pilot




How to define the epure properties

When an epure drawing tool is enabled or when an epure is selected, the properties window displays the following attributes:

Epure properties

Epure properties



  1. Epure


  1. Points


The epure points are numbered in their creation order.

Epure points





To delete points from an epure:

In the epure properties window access Points:


Deleting points

Deleting points from an epure



To add a point to an epure:

In the epure properties window access Points, right-click a point (next to which to insert a new point) and select Add point from the context menu. A new point is created on the 0 coordinates. To define the point position:


Arbitrary epure

Using the Arbitrary epure drawing tool you can manually input epures by drawing polygons of any shape:


To draw an arbitrary epure:


Arbitrary epure

Arbitrary epure



Tip: After you have drawn the element, press the <Esc> key or right-click and select Finish from the context menu to quit the drawing function.

Once the epure is created, you can select it and modify its attributes in the properties window.


Creating an automatic epure

The Cross Sections tool provides automatic generation of the epure following the contour shapes. The epure is automatically created by accessing the command, following the common shape of all contiguous contours.


If you have created several contours that do not intersect with each other, the automatic epure is generated on the enveloped contour.


Automatic epures

Automatic epure



Creating an epure by envelope

The Cross Sections tool also provides an automatic function for the generation of the epure by envelope. This command is useful for obtaining a simplified epure from complex cross sections that include non-intersecting contours. The epure is automatically created by an envelope of all the existent contours.


Envelope epure

Epure by envelope




Creating an epure by segments

The Cross Sections tool provides manual input of the epure by segments. All the created segments will define a single epure. After drawing all the segments of the epure, press <Enter> to finish the input.


With these tools and methods, you can improve the visual representation of your cross sections, adding clarity and detail to your structural models in Advance Design.



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