Zoom and Panning


Advance Design offers a comprehensive range of intuitive methods for efficient view management. By using the zoom and panning tools, you can easily adjust magnification and navigate through the graphic area


Accessing Zoom and Panning from the Main Menu

Accessing Zoom and Panning from the Main Menu



Below you can find a guide with clear instructions on how to access and use these essential features.


How to access the Zoom commands

Whether you need to zoom in for a detailed inspection or zoom out for an overall perspective, knowing how to access these commands is crucial. Below are the various options available in Advance Design to use the zoom commands, each designed to provide you with quick and easy control over how you view your work:


How to access the translation panning command

The translation panning command is a vital tool for moving around your project's view with ease and precision. Below we will explore the various methods to access and use this command, enabling you to shift your viewpoint across different areas of your design.



How to use the tools for Zoom and Panning

In Advance Design, the tools for zooming and panning are essential for moving through and examining your models in detail. This detailed overview guides you on how to skillfully use these tools, enhancing your ability to focus on specific elements of your design or gain a broader perspective of your entire project.



By following these instructions, you will be able to use the zoom and panning features in Advance Design, enabling an easy view management.



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