The workplane represents the area designated for the drawing process. A workplane is associated with a grid (i.e., an intersecting lines system used to guide the drawing process). All the drawing parameters are oriented in this workplane, which may be defined by the user. By snapping to the workplane, it is easy to input structure elements relative to certain coordinates.


Defining a workplane

The workplane position (relative to the global coordinate system) is defined using the commands available on the Workplane toolbar or in the Display menu.



Workplane properties

The workplane properties are defined using the workplane properties window, which allows their modifications.

Advance Design Workplane Properties

Workplane properties window



How to open the workplane properties window

To access the workplane properties window, in the Model mode of the Project Browser, click on Workplane:


Workplane in the Project Browser



  1. General


Cartesian workplane

Polar workplane

Cartesian workplane

Polar workplane




Note: The workplane type can also be defined by clicking the icon on the Workplane toolbar.



  1. Cartesian graduations


Note: The units are defined according to the current unit for lengths. See Defining the working units.



The workplane divisions size can also be defined manually, in the graphic area, by dragging the stretch points of the workplane axes.




  1. Polar graduations


  1. Secondary graduations


  1. Other



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