ASCE 7-16 Wind loads family


The ASCE 7-16 Wind loads family is created when the North-American climatic standard ASCE 7-16 is selected for the current project.

ASCE 7-16 Wind loads family properties

ASCE 7-16 Wind loads family - Properties

Automatic generation

Allows enabling / disabling the automatic wind generation components (i.e., loading areas exposure, pressure coefficient, split loading areas, loads generation)

Wind direction: Select the wind direction (WindX+, WindX-,WindY+, WindY-)

- per direction:: The user can define parameters for each wind direction.

- all directions: The fields are defined the same for all directions.


Dynamic base pressure

Wind regions

Regions for ASCE 7-16 wind loads family


Define properties that are taken into account when generating concomitance combinations. See Configuring load cases combinations.



Click a section of the properties window. Notice the bottom area of the window; it displays a short description of the active cell's content.

Accessing the properties

After creating a wind load case family: in the Project Browser, expand the Loading group and select Wind ASCE 7-16.