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At GRAITEC, we always listen to evolving needs and valuable feedback from the Advance Design user community. Our commitment? To innovate and improve our software solutions, ensure they remain at the forefront of the worldwide Construction, AEC, and Building Design industries. This dedication drives us to continuously refine and expand our offerings, making them more powerful, user-friendly, and versatile for professionals like you.



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Watch our latest video to uncover all the new features and improvements that GRAITEC Advance Design 2025 has to offer:


Advance Design 2025 - What's New



The 2025 release of Advance Design introduces new features designed to improve user experience and deliver significant advantages. Here’s a quick overview of some key updates:


  1. New Computing Capabilities
    Enhanced structural calculations and additional building analysis features.
  2. Modeling Capabilities 
    Improved tools and features for preparing the calculation model.
  3. Steel Structure Design Capabilities
    New features and improvements for verifying and optimizing steel element structures.
  4. Timber Structure Design Capabilities (Eurocode)
    Updates and enhancements for verifying and optimizing timber element structures according to Eurocode.
  5. Concrete Structure Design Capabilities
    New analysis features for reinforced concrete structures. 
  6. User Experience
    Various improvements for increased efficiency and comfort, providing a smoother user experience.


For a detailed exploration of everything new in Advance Design 2024.1, access the PDF document, "What's New in Advance Design 2025".



Visit the Graitec Advantage Platform to access and download an extensive collection of documentation detailing every feature and update Advance Design has introduced over the years. This resource is designed to give you a thorough understanding of our software’s capabilities and our commitment to improving your experience in response to your needs.




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