Using the Clipping of Forces Option


The "clipping" functionality is useful for the linear elements design and for the finite element results post-processing.

Case/rule 1: Beam and column

Clipping of forces option

Beam and column

In this case, the column is designed with the internal forces considered at point B (bottom fiber of the beam), including the upper part of the eventual haunch.

The beam is designed considering the internal forces at point A, which is the face of the column.

Case/rule 2: Column with two beams

Clipping of forces option

Column with two beams

In this case, the maximum distance is considered, meaning the B point. A numerical value can be entered by the user.

Graphical results

The graphical results can be displayed with or without taking into account the defined clipping distances.

To display the clipping results:

  1. Access the Options tab of the Results dialog box (Ribbon > Results tab > Settings panel > Results Settings).

  2. Enable the Display the clipped results option.

Example: Bending moment without / with clipping option enabled.


Graphical results

Graphical results - Steel


Graphical results

Graphical results - Concrete

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