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In Advance Design, the calculation of timber linear elements typically follows global timber design assumptions based on the current standards. For more precise control and customization, you have the option to define local timber assumptions for each individual element.



Accessing the Timber Design Properties of the selected element

This customization is accessible through the properties window, where you can select Timber Properties from the Properties filter dropdown to focus exclusively on the timber design properties of your selected element(s).


Linear elements properties

Properties window


Using the Properties window 

In the properties window, you can view and modify the properties of timber linear elements, allowing for detailed customization and management.


Key Features and Functions:

  1. Clipping of forces
  1. Timber Design
  1. Fire design
  1. Deflections
  1. Buckling

Buckling configuration

Buckling dialog



The blue highlighted fields display the calculated buckling lengths, Lfz and Lfy, when the timber calculation is completed.

  1. Lateral-torsional Buckling


By using local timber assumptions, engineers can ensure that each element's design is optimized for its specific role within the structure, improving both performance and compliance.



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