Steel Linear Elements Properties - ANSI/AISC 360-10


By default, each steel element is calculated using the global steel design assumptions, in conformity with the current standard, but the steel assumptions can be defined locally for each element using the options available in the properties window.


Accessing the Steel Design Properties of the selected element

To display only the steel design properties of the selected element(s), from the Properties filter drop-down list select Steel Properties.

Steel linear elements properties

Properties window



Using the Properties window 

In the properties window, you can view and modify the properties of steel linear elements, allowing for detailed customisation and management.


Key Features and Functions:

  1. Clipping of forces
  1. Steelwork Design


Effective characteristics dialog box




Description of the Effective characteristics dialog box:


  1. Advanced stability (2nd order)
  1. Deflections
  1. Buckling


Buckling configuration

Buckling dialog


  1. Lateral-torsional buckling
  1. Specific properties - contains specific parameters and options for steel linear elements according to the USA steel standard:
  1. Angle verification - only for elements with L-type cross section



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