Steel Design CM 66 - Calculation Settings


When CM 66 - France standard is the steel standard selected for the current project, the Calculation Settings dialog box allows the definition of the steel calculation settings.


How to access the command

Steel design calculation settings

CM 66 Calculation Settings - Verification

Verification settings

This tab allows the selection of the shapes calculation type and enables / disables the steel verifications.

Optimisation settings

This tab defines the shapes optimization settings.

Optimisation settings

Calculation Settings - Optimisation

Optimisation mode

Allows the selection of the optimization method. The shapes optimization is created function of the selected criterion:

Find new sections

Defines the work ratio limits taken into account for the cross sections optimization. The steel elements work ratio can be defined by one limit or by both (superior and inferior limit):

Search range

Define the search range for new section (automatic or automatic with a maximum limit)

Sort profiles options

This tab defines the sorting criteria used for determining the most stressed cross sections.

Sort profiles options

Calculation Settings - Sort profiles

Sort Mode


To enable the Chained optimization, select the corresponding option in the Calculation Sequence tab of the Steel Design Calculation Settings dialog box.


Search type

Select the search criteria - by heigth, by width, by ly inertia, by lz inertia, by weight (only one option can be selected).


Limits for profiles

Select the maximum/minimum height and width for profiles.

Buckling settings

This tab defines the buckling lengths calculation method.

Buckling settings

Calculation Settings - Buckling

Method selection

Defines the buckling lengths calculation method:

Structure type

It is possible to define the type of structure (with braced or unbraced nodes) for xy and xz planes of the elements. If these options are disabled, there is no specification for the structure stability and the buckling lengths are calculated by the local parameters of each element.

Detect intersections along a super element for automatic buckling lengths: If it is not activated, then the auto calculation is performed considering the super element as a single member, no matter the intermediate intersections with the other members. If it is activated, then it calculates the buckling lengths separately for each segment/element of superelement, considering the intermediate intersections.


The settings made in this tab do not affect the elements whose properties are defined by design templates; in this case, the element design properties are linked to the corresponding template.

Angle verification settings

Angle verification settings

Calculation Settings - Angle verification

In this tab you can set the bolt parameters for the calculation of the net area of sections (Longitudinal and transversal edge distance, bolt spacing and partial safety factor).

Calculation Sequence

This tab defines the verifications to perform during the steel calculation.

Calculation sequence

Calculation sequence

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