Steel Connections


The Advance Design software offers a wide range of steel connections that allow for the swift modeling of various connections within Advance Design projects. Additionally, it facilitates connection design through the Steel Connection design module. Advance Design enables the creation of diverse connection types between the steel profiles.


How to access the command

Connections can be created both during the modeling and analysis steps. Advance Design provides several methods for creating connections:


Creating connections

Creating a connection


Creating a connection

To create a connection, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure you have selected the relevant elements that will be connected using the desired connection type.
  2. Choose the appropriate connection creation method mentioned earlier.
  3. By default, the connections created on selection can be automatically named based on the main element and/or the first secondary element to which they are applied.  

Connections in Advance Design are defined by a set of attributes that can be easily accessed and modified in the properties window.


How to automatically name the connections created on a selection

If you wish to automatically name connections created on a selection, follow these steps: 

  1. Select the elements to which to apply the connection.
  2. Right click and navigate to Connections > Create / selection, then choose the appropriate connection type. The connection properties dialog box will appear automatically.
  3. In the Name field, you can use the "*" and/or "#" symbols to dynamically generate connection names based on the main and/or first secondary element.    
  4. Define the other properties of the connection and click OK.

Automatically naming connections


By implementing these steps, you will see the connection names conveniently displayed in the Project Browser. The "*" symbol will be replaced with the name of the main element to which the connection is applied, while the "#" symbol will be replaced with the name of the first secondary element associated with the connection.


Connections are displayed using schematic shapes

Connections are displayed using schematic shapes to enhance visual representation, with each connection type assigned a default color. You can modify the color of each connection by using the Display settings command (Alt + X). Moreover, the connections in the graphic area can be hidden/displayed using the available display commands.


Display settings

Connection display settings


Advance Design includes connection error verification

The verification function, accessible during modeling and analysis model creation, displays any connection modeling errors and warnings in the command line.

Once the finite element calculation is complete, connections can be opened with the Steel Connection module. This module verifies, optimizes, and calculates the exported connections based on the defined attributes and the efforts obtained in Advance Design after the finite element calculation.

After exporting and calculating the connections, you can generate tables describing the connections and displaying the connection calculation results, which can be added to the current report.

From swift modeling to precise connection design through the dedicated Steel Connection module, Advance Design empowers you to create various connection types, ensuring efficiency and precision in your steel structures. 


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