Steel Calculation


The Steel Design performs the verification and optimization of steel structures according to standard regulations. The steel design allows the verification of deflections, the cross section resistance, the element stability according to second order effects (buckling and lateral-torsional buckling) and the optimization of the steel shapes.

The steel expert calculates the structure considering the standard combinations (in conformity with the selected steel design standard), according to the model calculation with the finite elements method.

How to access the command


To launch calculation, the steel structure must be previously calculated using a Calculation sequence and have at least one combination.

How to run the steel calculation


If the descriptive model has also been modified, it is required to rerun the finite elements calculation before launching the steel calculation. You can define the desired succession of actions via the Calculation sequences dialog box.

If errors are found during the calculation, the verification messages as well as the IDs of the elements to which those messages refer, are displayed in the command line.

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