Non-linear Static Load Case


A static non linear load case (NL) is automatically generated at the creation of the non-linear static analysis family. A non-linear static analysis family may contain several cases. The parameters of a static non linear load case are defined in the properties window.


Properties of a non-linear static load case

Static non linear load case properties


Static non linear load case


1. Calculation controlled by: selects how the calculation is controlled

2. Reference: opens the Non Linear Analysis Options dialog box which allows you to select and configure the static cases used as a reference for the non-linear analysis.

3. Large displacements: enable the calculation of large displacements, when the displacements/rotations of the studied structure elements are large. For structures containing cable elements, this option is mandatory.




Click a section of the properties window. Notice the bottom area of the window; it displays a short description of the active cell's content.


Accessing the properties

In the Project Browser, in the Settings category, Non-linear Static Analysis, select NL.


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