EN 1991-1-3 Snow loads family


The EN 1991-1-3 snow loads family is created when the Eurocodes 1 (EC1) - General climatic standard is selected for the current project.

EN 1991-1-3 Snow loads family

EN 1991-1-3 Snow loads family - Properties

Snow category

Define properties that are taken into account when generating concomitance combinations. See Configuring load cases combinations.

Situation of the project

These options determine the classification of the project in one of the four cases from Table A.1, Annex A of the EN 1991-1-3 European standards.



Click a section of the properties window. Notice the bottom area of the window; it displays a short description of the active cell's content.


Accessing the properties

After creating a snow load case family: in the Project Browser, expand the Loading group and select Snow EN 1991-1-3.