Shapes Optimization - Timber


Once the timber calculation is completed, the timber design expert performs an optimization of the elements shape, according to the settings made in the timber design settings dialog box. The timber expert compares the work ratio of the timber elements with the specified criterion, and proposes other cross sections, that would correspond to the defined conditions. You can accept globally or partially the suggested shapes, then relaunch the timber calculation. You can iterate these operations until you obtain a work ratio comprised in the specified range for all timber shapes.


How to access the command


How to apply the optimized shapes

  1. After performing the timber calculation of the model, access the Suggested shapes command as described above. The Suggested Shapes dialog box appears.

Suggested shapes

Timber Suggested Shapes dialog


  1. Select the optimization mode to filter the model's cross sections according to the specified criterion:



The table content is filtered according to the selected option.

The elements with a higher / lower work ratio than specified in the Timber design settings dialog box are displayed in red.

  1. To accept the suggested solutions, click in the corresponding cell of Accepted solutions column to retain the suggested solution. You can also use Reject all to cancel all the suggested solutions.

  1. Click OK to apply the selected actions and close the dialog box.


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