P100-1/2013 Seism loads family


The P100-1/2013 Seism family is created when the Romanian seismic standard P100-1/2013 is selected for the current project.

P100-1/2013 Seism family properties

P100-1/2013 Seism loads family - Properties



By default, the spectrum corresponds to the current seismic standard, P100-1/2013. To view the standard spectrum: in the seism properties window, Spectrum category > Horizontal spectrum / Vertical spectrum, click . Also, it is possible to define a custom seismic spectrum using the Function editor dialog box.


Romanian seismic regions

Regions for P100-1/2013 seism loads family

Corner period zone

Corner period zones




To edit the spectrum parameters, the imposed spectrum option must be enabled: in the Family category, from the Spectrum drop-down list, select Imposed.


Mode superposition

Define properties that are taken into account when generating concomitance combinations. See Configuring load cases combinations.




Click a section of the properties window. Notice the bottom area of the window; it displays a short description of the active cell's content.

Accessing the properties

After creating a seism family: in the Project Browser, expand the Loading group and select Seism P100-1/2013.