Saving the Project


To ensure the safety of your work in Advance Design, frequent saving is recommended. The application supports automatic saving at intervals you can define, ensuring your progress is continuously secured.

The Advance Design projects are saved in files with the .fto extension. You can configure the default working folder for the FTO projects and the automatic save options using the Options - Application dialog box. Refer to the section on Configuring the general settings for detailed instructions. You can create a new version of the project, without affecting the current one by saving it with another name.



How to save your project

Use these methods for saving your work:

  1. From the Menu: Navigate to File > Save
  2. Or use the Quick Access toolbar: Save command in Advance Design
  3. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut <Ctrl+S>.


A confirmation will appear in the command line.

Saving a project in Advance Design

Save confirmation message




Creating a new project version

To save an Advance Design project with a different name you have these options:

  1. From the Menu: Navigate to File > Save As.
  2. Or use the Quick Access toolbar: Save as command in Advance Design


In the Save As dialog box that appears, you can specify a new location and name for your project.


Saving a project with a different name in Advance Design

Save as dialog box


These features provide a simple workflow for managing your Advance Design projects, ensuring your data remains intact and accessible throughout your design process.



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