Results for Cost and CO2 emission estimations


Following its engagement to build a sustainable future, Advance Design is equipped with a tool that generates Cost and CO2 emission estimations. This tool will help designers to better assess the environmental and economic impact of the choices they make on structural elements and construction materials.


To ensure user-friendly accessibility and comprehensive insights, Advance Design offers two distinct methods for displaying the results for cost and CO2 emission estimations:

1. Graphical representation on structure 

Only in the Analysis mode, you can visualize the results graphically on the structure:


Graphic results
Graphic results



Simply access the Ribbon and click on the Cost & CO2 Emission command. The software will display the graphical results for you to explore.


Cost & CO2 emission command
Cost & CO2 emission 


Customize the settings to suit your needs:

  1. Results group:  Select either Cost or CO2 Emission from the first Combo box.
  2. Element selection: Choose the element type, such as Linear Element, Planar Element, Punctual Support, Linear Support, or Load Area, from the second Combo box.
  3. Type of result. Set the result type based on your preference: for Cost-related analysis (Cost of element, Cost/length, Cost/volume, Cost/weight) or CO2 emission-related analysis (CO2 emission of element, CO2 emission/length, CO2 emission/volume, CO2 emission/weight). Once you've made your selections, the software will present the graphical results accordingly.

Results can be also displayed from the Results settings:


Cost & CO2 emission results settings
Cost & CO2 emission results settings



2. As reports

For a more detailed and comprehensive analysis, Advance Design provides detailed reports accessible in both Descriptive Model and Analysis Model.

Find the Cost & CO2 emission results tables located in the Geometrical data section. These user-friendly reports present the cost and CO2 emission estimations in a tabular format:


Cost & CO2 emission results tables

Cost & CO2 emission results tables


Note: When reports are generated in the Descriptive Model, the reinforcement details of linear and planar elements are unknown. As a result, the estimations for these elements do not include reinforcement-related costs.


To further refine the results, you can apply filters to include only elements with defined Carbon factors/unit costs:


Results tables filter 
Results tables filter


Within Advance Design, this tool transcends conventional functionality, acting as a strategic ally for engineers. It's a guide that empowers engineers to make informed decisions, placing them firmly in control of their projects.


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