Renumbering Elements


This command allows you to renumber the structure elements.

The program numbers structure elements according to their creation, from 1 to N. If during the input some elements are deleted and others are created, the elements numbering becomes discontinuous. For easier post-processing of results on structure elements, it is preferable to have a continuous numbering of the structure elements.

The renumbering function is applied to a selection of elements or to the entire structure (if no element is selected).

To renumber the linear elements of the structure according to their orientation on X, Y and Z axes:

  1. Menu: select Modify > Renumbering.... Alternatively, select Renumber from the Ribbon > Utilities tab > CAD panel.

  2. The Renumbering Elements dialog box appears.

Renumbering structure elements

Renumbering elements

  1. From the Entities list, select Linear.

: selects all the objects.

: cancels the selection.

  1. Select X, Y, Z from the Orientation drop-down list. The elements are renumbered according to X, then to Y, then to Z.

  1. Enable the x > 0, y > 0 and z > 0 options. The elements are ordered (in increasing or decreasing order based on the checked buttons x>0, y>0, z>0)

  2. Assign a starting number for the elements renumbering in the given field. If the option is unchecked, the default renumbering starts from 1.

  3. Click OK to apply and close.

The elements are renumbered using the specified conditions. In the following example, the columns and the longitudinal beams are renumbered from 1 by the Z, Y, X orientation (Figure 1 - Before renumbering; Figure 2 - After renumbering).

Renumbering elements in Advance Design

Renumbering elements

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